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grooms solution deodorizer gallon
peach, apple crisp, vanilla bean, blueberry muffin, orange
Price: $9.95
Odor eliminator prespray
Price: $19.95
red 1
pros choice
Price: $14.95
“Urine Pre-Treatment” an acidic detergent that dissolves urine residues and assists in rinsing them from the carpet.
Price: $19.95
“OSR-XG” combines the power of natural oxygen with biological power of odor modification to destroy odorous materials without leaving strong artificial fragrances behind.
Price: $39.95
ultra pac trafficlean
Price: $39.95
ast Step is a rinsing and conditioning agent.
Price: $23.95
sophisticated odor counteractant for stubborn odors such as urine, vomit, mildew, and dead body.
Price: $42.56
A unique, high-tech rinse product for complete cleaning of carpet and water-cleanable upholstery. Features:•Rinses out soil and residue better than water alone! •The safe, organic acid in All Fiber Rinse neutralizes alkalinity and removes detergent residues, leaving fibers clean and soft. •Helps to stabilize dyes and inhibits browning and color bleeding. •Meets specifications for use on stain-resistant carpet. Dilution Ratios: 1-8 oz./gal. RTU pH: 4.5-5.5 Contains: 1 gallon
Price: $19.95
This low pH detergent enhances the cleaning of all types of water-cleanable carpets and upholstery. Polymer encapsulation chemistry reduces re-appearing stains and wicking. Features: •This low pH detergent enhances the cleaning of olefin (polypropylene) carpet, while providing superior rinsing capabilities. •Reduces re-appearing stains and wicking so common with olefin carpets. •Excellent 2-step process with Olefin Pre Clean for maximum performance on olefin. •Safe for upholstery. Dilution Ratios: 2 oz./gal. RTU pH: 5.2-5.8 Contains: 1 gallon
Price: $29.95
For the toughest urine and pet stains. Stains will disappear when attacked with the aggressive ingredients utilized by Urine Rescue. Rescues you from the toughest urine stains with the power of hydrogen peroxide. Use on colorfast carpet and upholstery. Neutralizes urine odor while cleaning. Dilution Ratios: RTU RTU pH: 4-5.5 Contains: 1 gallon
Price: $29.95
Dry Slurry Powdered Extraction Formula Dry Slurry is the leading carpet extraction detergent powder with a solvent boost to quickly cut through tough, dry or greasy soils and leave the carpet clean. Powerful enough for commercial buildings and restaurant carpets, yet safe for residential carpet. Its minimum residue, maximum cleaning formulation removes soil that others leave behind. Meets specifications for use on stain-resistant carpets. Dilution Ratio(s): Portables: 1/2 to 1-1/2 oz. per 5 gallons Truckmounts: 1-1/2 lbs. in 5 gallons pH: RTU 9.6 - 9.9
Price: $34.95
This grout sealer utilizes a unique new formula to achieve all the benefits of solvent-based grout sealers in a water-based product! It resists soils, stains, chemical degradation, biological growth and even efflorescence and offers excellent oil and water repellency and hold-out. And yet, grout sealer is vapor permeable so it lets water vapor out but doesn’t let liquid water in! This is a very affordable product that is outstanding on grout and can also be used on any porous tile such as quarry or Saltillo. It provides exceptional protection at a price point you and your customers will love. •Provides Exceptional Protection For Hard Surfaces With Little Or No Change In Appearance •Excellent Oil And Water Repellency and Hold-Out •Resists Soils, Stains, Chemical Degradation, Biological Growth, Efflorescence • Vapor-Permeable • Cost Effective
Price: $49.95
Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile and stone that have been neglected for years. Viper Renew actually removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it all hard water deposits, soap scum and efflorescence. The proprietary organic salt in Viper Renew is twice as effective as phosphoric acid at dissolving calcium carbonate, and without the unpleasant fumes. Keep a gallon of Viper Renew on your truck so you'll be prepared for even the most extreme tile and grout cleaning situation. Dilution Ratios: 1:1 RTU pH: 1 Contains: 1 gallon
Price: $39.50
•No mixing required •Removes synthetic red dye from carpet •pH: 8.5-9.5
Price: $15.95
Removes - Stains that were thought to be impossible to remove are now simply vanishing. Effective on furniture stains from wood, wine, mustard, coffee, tea, urine, vomit, feces, potted plants, etc. Works Alone - For most stains, heat is not necessary to accelerate action. Mustard may be the exception here. Economical - Stain Magic is a two-part product that activates on mixing. A small amount of product will remove stains that would never come out with typical spotting techniques. Dilution Ratio: Ready to use.
Price: $18.50
Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayer Pro
The original injection sprayer (100 - 1,000 PSI) Finish Jobs Faster with Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayers For those that demand the best, the Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer Pro has all the great features you've come to expect along with a new 5 qt. container that makes the best sprayer in the industry even better! Cut your spray time in half! Quickly apply carpet presprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more.
Price: $159.00
Hydro-Force™ SX-15™ Hard Surface Cleaning Tool
Hydro-Force™ SX-15™ Hard Surface Cleaning Tool BUILT FOR SPEED LEAVE THE COMPETITION BEHIND! Make quick work out of any job with the industry's most advanced hard surface tool. FAST Industry-leading 15" cleaning path allows you to clean 25% faster than 12" models Aerodynamically-engineered radial vacuum line creates a laminar-flow vortex in the cleaning head that allows the SX-15 to remove water twice as fast as competitive models
Price: $949.00
Hydro-Force SX-12
The latest technology for cleaning tile and grout! The SX-12 blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough hard surfaces. The rotary arm spins to create amazing soil blasting power working from 700 to 2,000 psi, while the vacuum ports pick up all the waste. The SX-12 is ready to work with truckmount carpet machines, pressure washers and vac systems, or the HydroForce high pressure portable extractors.
Price: $899.00
Rotovac 360i
Rotovac 360i Power Extraction Cleaning With One Hand The Rotovac 360i replaces the manual scrub wand for extraction carpet cleaning. Combining rotary agitation with hot water extraction, the Rotovac cleans better, leaves the carpet drier and is much easier to use than a wand. The Rotovac 360i is a Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads and spray jets to thoroughly deep clean carpets with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360i is extremely user friendly as it operates in a self propelled "side to side" motion and weighs only 39 lbs. The telescoping handle adjusts down for cleaning stairs and compact storage. Works With Any Truckmount or Portable System
Price: $2,195.00
Hydro-Filter™ In-Line Waste Filter New Design Improves CFM by 11%*!
Hydro-Filter™ In-Line Waste Filter New Design Improves CFM by 11%*! CLEAR SO THE CUSTOMER CAN SEE DEBRIS AND SOIL!!
Price: $103.00
Price: $349.00
Injectimate Use the Injectimate wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed. It will replace the carpet syringe, as it can be used in urine decontamination to inject enzymes and odor counteractants through the carpet backing. Injectimate allows you to mix your solution in a gallon container and to inject directly from the container without having to fill a syringe.
Price: $37.95
LARGE BASKET FOR PROCHEM TRUCKMOUNT WASTE TANK Prochem: Apex, Blazer, Blazer Plus, Blazer XL, Bruin, Bruin II, Everest, Everst HP, Legend, Legend SE, Legend XL, Oil Fired TM, Peak, Performer, Performer 405, Performer 805, Power Vac, Power Vac II and Trailblazer. Bridgepoint: Lancer, Lancer II, Saber, Saber 2000 and System IV (Newer Style).
Price: $162.40
The world's meanest and longest lasting grout brushes are here! Featuring DUPONT Tynex® Bristles Tired of grout brushes that wear out too fast, or don't perform? Get a brush with teeth! The new Dirty Grout Demon will chew up and spit out your old grout brush! The Tynex bristles on the Grout Demon have microscopic silicon carbide teeth that make short work of even the dirtiest grout lines.
Price: $18.95
Corner Guards Corner guards protect your customer's wall corners... and prevents costly claims! High visibility orange color reduces the chance of leaving it behind! These Corner Guards prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Creates a powerful, positive Moment of Truth and eliminates costly claims and repairs.
Price: $10.95

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